Kite flying is a great passion in Asia. People can be so addicted so much to it that they wont know whats being going on surrounded on them. However everything has Pros and cons. It doesnt look dangerous but it is far apart from your thinking. I wont be going long on that but it can slaughter people alive within no time. Sounds suspicious right? The threat which you to fly kite are of various qualities. Some of them are ordinary but others, they are as bad as killer. The strength of them if too high that it can take the neck off within on time even without knowing. There is also a festival call BASAND . In which people around almost complete asia fly kites day to night. Recently the National Air and Space Museum hosted Kites of Asia Family Day.  It featured lots of kite activities, cultural crafts, indoor kite flyers, and Japanese kite masters.  All of the incredible kites and amazing activities made me wonder how many people actually understand how kites fly. To understand how a kites flies, you need to define what a kite is.  A kite is a heavier-than-air object that flies… just like an airplane.  Most kites have three main components: the kite body (which comes in many different shapes and sizes), the bridle (or harness), and the control line (or tether).  The kite body is made up of a framework and outer covering.  The framework is usually made from a lightweight material like wood or plastic.  Paper, fabric, or plastic is then stretched over the framework, turning it into a sort of wing.  The bridle and the control line help the kite flyer control the kite.  In flight, the kite is connected to the kite flyer by the control line, which is connected to the kite by the bridle.  The kite pivots and dives about the point where the bridle connects to the control line. For a fun and colorful kite that is enjoyable to fly, but won’t put a dent in the wallet, the Easy Flyer Kite by Henga is an excellent choice. The large kite is shaped like an octopus and is 32 inches wide by 157 inches long – with flailing tails to represent the tentacles. The kite is sold in packs of two in six different colors (think bright orange and green) and is made of nylon.

5 out of 10
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