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Beats On-Ear Headphone Review

Good Sound On-Ear Headphones

Built Quality5.2
7 out of 10
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Beats by Dr.dre , i think words cant describe how great and previous this headphones are. But where pros there cons. This Headphones are hell expensive which somewhere in asia is a dream for some kids out there. Its cost 300$ to 700$ , which are quite expensive. But u also know good thing aint cheap. Mostly people buy Bluetooth headphones because of its flexibility and Sound.



In one for the interview Dr.dre said the actual cost of making beats headsets are not more than 20$ . it has a good company that why it goes with that good margin and also it delvers good sound or best sound quality. Mostly used by people working out in gym and by music artist. It like a product which we can say must gave a try. Worth the money.

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