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How to Stay Fit

Staying fit is the best thing which is not the easy thing. You must spare your time to get fit but most of us have very busy life that why we dont spare any time and get caught with many diseases. Walking for one hour a day or  just 1miles a day can keep your health best. And when we say a word GYM , it has 2 meaning. Body Building or Fitness.

Most of the people goes to gym for body building as a family traditional or ofc for a showoff reason and some goes for fitness but that also like for smaller period of time. Taking out some of your time from 24 hrs a day will get your fit but that also very hard to.

Swimming is one of the best ways to keep the body fit. Swimming does make you lose calories and its a good sport.

Nobody know how much life they willingly to live but how much u live, live in good health rather than on beds of hospitals and clinics. It not that easy to start giving your time for yourself but when u start giving it you will love to do it.

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