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Is Coffee Good for You?

Coffee and tea are both great refreshments as well as rivalry. Some prefer Tea and some Coffee. Well most of the western countries doesnt even have concept of tea. About middle east countries, always as a copy cat, they always copy western countries trends they drink coffee as trend other then that they drink Tea as a essential of life. Well we arent here to talk about tea but coffee inhere.

Coffee is good for health only in limited quantity and good for work which is being getting left because of being tired. It can boost your  level and ENERGY u might finish your job quickly. But drinking Coffee too much can damage your immune system and can cause some serious problems to health. Not coffee but everything out of limit is dangerous. Lets just wind up the artcle here and we cant move to another one. oh wait just one thing , When you first start drinking coffee , the effect of nicotine will stay for long periods of time. As time goes, the effect of coffee gets weaker and weaker day by day. There are many type of coffee from sour to sweet , from light to extreme .

Well my first experience about coffee was so great. I didnt know how to cook a cup of coffee so i took my Friends help on my very first cup of coffee preparation. I was doing everything exactly as he was saying but he never mentioned the quantity of water. I drank all of the coffee, after some i felt dizzy and i was pretty out of my consciousness. I just passed out on the floor or sofa i dont exactly remember but when i woke up in the morning i was at my bed in another room , JUST WOW !

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