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Portable Vinyl Record Player

Built Quality7
7.3 out of 10
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Car vinyls are greatest things to change car appearance without spending much on it. Usually projects cars have great vinyls which makes them even more beautiful. There are many types of different vinyls which vary from car to car , model to model. Like double straight stripes doesn’t look good on every cars rather than only muscles  and some other like R34.

Some countries do prohibit the use of vinyls without special permission of government. It a cheap way to decorate or customize the car. It gives completely new look to the car. It also gives dashing design to the car and make you think its a totally different car.

From fast and furious 1 to 4 , they had great details, great graphics , great customization . They had very cool cars in those films and cool races. FF 5 till 9 , its all about robbery guns and fights but no customization or races. FF was famous due to great races and customization.

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